21 Days and 21 Ways to Get Shredded for Spring Break!

TIP 1: READ THE LABEL. Always read the label to find out what secret diet buster might be sneaking up on you!

TIP 2: DON'T GO TO EXTREMES. Practice moderation and learn to make small, incremental steps in the right direction for long-term, sustainable progress.

TIP 3: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Skip the complicated fitness and nutrition advice to start with. Just establish a simple, healthy pattern of diet and exercise.

TIP 4: PRACTICE MODERATION. Don't overdo it in the beginning. Start off slowly and gradually accelerate your progress.

TIP 5: KEEP TRACK. The best way to stay on target is to keep track of everything.

TIP 6: STAY FOCUSED. Pick a plan and stick to it. Staying focused on a single course of action is critical to your early success.

TIP 7: THE CARDIO MYTH. Is cardio a weightloss requirement? We address the myth in this tip.


TIP 8: THE BULKY BODYBUILDER MYTH. Will lifting weights make me look big and bulky? We address the myth of the Bulky Bodybuilder in this tip.


TIP 9: THE SPOT REDUCING FAT MYTH. Is it possible to spot reduce fat? What is the best way to tighten your tummy or build better arms? Find out in this tip.


TIP 10: FOAM ROLLER THERAPY. Find out how this inexpensive little tool can dramatically speed recovery and ease muscle aches and soreness.


TIP 11: REST IS ESSENTIAL TO RECOVERY. What is the #1 overlooked ingredient for a healthy body? Find out in this tip.


TIP 12: HIIT IT HARD. Find out why HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is quickly becoming the workout of choice for rapid results.


TIP 13: FULL BODY WORKOUT. Find out why many trainers are of the opinion that the fastest fat loss routine is to engage the entire body.


TIP 14: SET A ROUTINE. Why is the principle of habit-forming so powerful in regards to achieving your fitness goals? Find out in this tip.


TIP 15: GO BIG OR GO HOME. What are the big time fat-blasting moves many trainers swear by? Find out in this tip.


TIP 16: WHEN TO EAT. This one simple step can help curb cravings and control your snacking.


TIP 17: SHOP WITH A LIST. Failure to plan is like planning to fail! Find out how to avoid falling victim to this fatal fitness flaw in today's tip.


TIP 18: EAT MORE PROTEIN. Curb your cravings and feel full longer by adding more of this simple ingredient to your daily menu.


TIP 19: EAT BREAKFAST. Fuel your day with a big breakfast. Find out why in today's tip.


TIP 20: DRINK MORE WATER. The average adult human body is composed of 50-65% water... Find out why you need to stay hydrated for optimal performance in today's tip.


TIP 21: DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES. Cut massive amounts of empty calories from your diet with this simple step. Find out how in today's tip.