"Start With One"

Fitness with MinuteBody is based on the simple principle of progressive habit forming. The concept is that you will build a firm foundation for fitness starting with baby steps. As you successfully complete your goals over and over, day after day, not only will you start to establish a nearly unbreakable pattern of compliance, but you will also gradually hard-wire your brain to execute the process almost automatically.

Eventually, your healthy exercise and diet patterns will become almost as natural as breathing. Once the pattern is firmly established, the process will be almost automatic, and reaching your fitness goals will be as simple as just scaling up the minutes invested in each workout (the time under tension principle). MinuteBody has designed the perfect plan to destroy every excuse standing between you and your fitness goals! 

For just one month give it a try. No crazy charts, no complicated routines, no crowded gyms. Just you and one simple goal. You are busy, work, spouse, kids, believe me, we get it! So just start with one move and perform it for one minute. At first it seems like nothing, but in fact you’ve actually just taken a massive mental step toward breaking through your preconceived barriers and achieving the body of your dreams. For the first month just go through the routines, check it off your list, and go on about your day! Just try it, and you’ll find it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Pick a Target (arms, legs, abs, etc.)
2) Pick an exercise
3) Perform it at a high rate of intensity for one minute
...That’s it, you’re done!

MinuteBody's “Start With One” concept is based on the principles of progressive compliance. The idea for the program comes from merging the Japanese principle of “Kaizen” (which basically translates to “continuous improvement”) with the problem-solving principle called the "law of parsimony(i.e. lex parsimoniae), also known in laymen’s terms as "Occam's razor”. The problem-solving methodology presented by "Occam's razor" is that the simplest solution is almost always the best solution.

The reasoning is that the fewer variables presented, the easier it is to test your theory, find out what works (or doesn’t), and move forward with what works. Or as the tech gurus say in Silicon Valley, "fail early, fail often, but fail forward!”

MinuteBody merges these two problem-solving principles into a simple concept. To start with just pick one basic exercise each day and perform it to the best of your ability for a predefined time period, starting with one minute. As the habit forms (and inevitably grows) you will invariably learn to increase your time, add more exercises and apply greater intensity.

One Exercise + One Minute + One Day
is not the end goal, it is the beginning of a lifelong process of continual improvement. You have to start somewhere to be great, and the best place to begin is to “Start with One."    

Fitness is hard... But doesn’t have to be complicated!