Question 1) So what's this all about? -
Fitness with MinuteBody is based on the simple principle of continual improvement. The concept is that you will build a firm foundation for fitness starting with baby steps. As you successfully complete your goals over and over, day after day, not only will you start to establish a nearly unbreakable pattern of compliance, but you will also gradually hard-wire your brain to execute the process almost automatically.

Question 2) How does "START WITH ONE" work? - The idea is to make training as fast and simple as possible to get started. As you gradually build up strength you will progress to heavier weights, longer duration, and more complicated routines. But the primary goal is to just get started and develop healthy habits today!   
1) Pick ONE Target (arms, legs, abs, etc.).
2) Pick ONE exercise.
3) Perform ONE set at a highest possible rate of intensity for the pre-specified time period, starting with ONE minute and increasing as you build strength and endurance. ...That’s it, you’re done!

Question 3) Is this a new concept? - 
Actually, it is the OLDEST documented training routine in existence! It all started with the legendary athlete many consider the grandfather of fitness, Milo of Croton while he was training for the first of six Olympic Gold Medals in ancient Greece. You've probably heard the story of "Milo and the Calf" where he picked up a baby calf every day until it was a full grown bull, pioneering the concept of progressive overload. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the legend of Milo's training routine went like this:

"Milo of Croton
, Milo also spelled Milon, (flourished 6th century BCE), Greek athlete who was the most renowned wrestler in antiquity. His name is still proverbial for extraordinary strength.

A greatly honoured native of Croton (now Crotone, Calabria), an Achaean Greek colony in southern Italy, Milo led the Crotoniate army to victory over the Sybarites (Greeks from Sybaris, also in southern Italy) about 510 BCE. In six Olympic Games and in seven Pythian Games (both events held quadrennially), Milo won the wrestling championship; in these and other Greek national games, he won 32 wrestling competitions. According to legend, Milo trained by carrying a calf daily from its birth until it became a full-sized ox. He is also said to have carried an ox on his shoulders through the stadium at Olympia.

So the very first fitness guru, the godfather of training, pioneered this very concept! If it was good enough for a six-time world champion, and effective enough to last THOUSANDS of years... it is good enough to use today!

Question 4) Is this really all it takes to reach my health and fitness goals? - Yes! The "secret sauce" is developing a daily, habit-forming routine. Remeber,  One Exercise + One Minute + One Day is NOT the end goal, it is the just the beginning of a lifelong process of continual improvement. We have hundreds of courses, ebooks, audio and video training guides available in the library when you get ready to broaden your horizens, and once you develop a firm fitness habit, that is exactly what you will want to do! But the mistake many make is to start big, get overwhelmed, and give up, over and over again. Start small, just one move, one minute per day and gradually develop strength and habit until you can lift the bull of your fitness goals over your head like Milo! You have to start somewhere to be great, and the best place to begin is to “Start with One."