Clean Eating Plan! (Bundle)

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Clean Eating Plan! (Bundle) contains the following:

  • Clean Eating Plan: The original eBook
  • Audio Guide: An audio companion guide to help you learn on the go.
  • Checklist: A quick start diet guide.

Clean Eating Plan! (Bundle)

Get ready to learn how to lose weight using science along with an archive of diet hacks and tips we’ve put together over many years of trying to lose weight! It’s much easier than you think.

You’ll find out:

* How to reduce your portion size without feeling hungry

* How to swap out sugary snacks for alternatives

* How to prepare healthier food in very little time

* How to set and achieve your short and long-term goals for weight loss

* How to minimize the chance of you relapsing

* How to exercise efficiently to lose weight

* How to take control of your habits

* How you can maximize your progress

* How to choose foods that boost good mental health

...and much, much more!