How to Dress to Look More Muscular

How to Dress to Look More Muscular

Loads of guys are interested in bulking up and gaining more muscle and they often are under the impression that this will help them to feel more confident, to get more girls and to become more physically imposing.

Whether or not those these will happen is really beside the point. The point is that these guys desperately want to add on some muscle but they're not sure how to go about it. And moreover, they might not be making the most of their current size anyway! You may well be bigger than you realize but simply not very good at working it. You have to play the hand you're dealt!

So how can you make yourself look bigger, even before youíve set foot in a gym? There are a few ways you can dress that will help with this, so letís take a look at those and see if it helpsÖ

Wear Clothes That Fit 

The first thing to do is to wear tighter clothing.

A lot of guys who are very skinny will try and hide that fact by wearing very baggy clothing. Either that or they're just wearing the clothes their Mom got them that they never quite grew into.

As you might have guessed by that snide comment, this does not look good. Wearing baggy clothing actually makes you look thinner because people can see that the clothes are hanging off of you! By wearing baggy clothes you'll also be creating more contrast between how big and wide your sleeves are versus how scrawny your arms look.

So instead, you should aim to dress tight. Not stuffed potato tight but tight enough that you can see the outline of the muscle.

Choose the Shape Wisely

Look for t-shirts with arms that only cover half of the upper arm, thereby showing off a little tricep. Even if you're very thin, you should have some tricep and that tricep tease can make a big difference! 

Wear fitted jeans and avoid boot cut. It's all about perspective and relative size wearing boot cut jeans makes your legs look wider and that will instantly make your upper body look narrower by contrast!

Think about what your genetic advantage is. Most of us have one part of our body that looks more muscular than the rest, either owing to our line or work or just to our genetics. Either way, pick your good spot and try to draw the eye there!

Wear White

Women love wearing black because it is slimming. This is because black absorbs light, thereby making it appear to take up less space.

And for the precise opposite reason, men need to wear more white. Wear a white top and it will make you give off more light, thereby making you appear to take up more space. This is why you should paint walls in your house white too if you want the rooms to look bigger!